Article From the Winter 2005 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


Despite the move to digital photography that’s happening so rapidly today, there still seems to be business for the silver halide medium. Last issue we reported that we had answered several archive inquiries from people preparing to shoot a remake of "King Kong" in New Zealand. Since then we’ve learned that this is a project of Academy Award winning director Peter Jackson, most recently of "Lord of the Rings" success. Watch for the Universal Pictures film in December 2005, and blame us if the trolleys aren’t historically correct!

On the local level, Rochester Institute of Technology students have once again discovered the museum as a great venue for photography, and this time it’s Brendan Van Meter and his crew. They recently spent a cold evening doing test shots in P&W car 168, and we’ll be hosting them off and on through the semester as their production takes shape. No word on whether Universal is picking this one up…

    One of our trolleys is in the movies. Lights, camera, highball!