Article From the Winter 2004 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation

SHOP REPORT by Charlie Lowe

Electrification: The concrete block enclosure for the trolley substation has been finished. The concrete block was erected and a steel door installed by a mason. NYMT and NRHS volunteers applied finishing touches by sealing wall-to-floor

areas and by painting a sealant onto the inside walls of the substation room. Installation of electrical equipment, nearly all of which has been obtained and is now stored inside the substation room, has begun, with members Jim Johnson and Charlie Harshbarger in charge. This coming spring, we will make a final decision on power feed from our local power company and make external hook-ups for both AC and DC. Given success with all of the above, we
     Bob Miner and Ted Strang inspect the new substation room prior
     to painting; component installation is now underway.

could be in a position to make test runs of the system during the summer, possibly offering limited rides to the public late in the year. John Ross and Tony Mittiga are spending the cold winter hours in the comforts of their home workshops, prepping fittings so weíll be ready to extend the trolley line in warmer weather.

Mack Fire Truck 307: Don Quant has taken charge of the fire truck and has concentrated on routine maintenance.  The truck was run several times to exercise the working systems of the engine, clutch, brakes etc. The battery was charged, and gasoline treated with stabilizer was added in preparation for winter storage. Tire pressures have been checked. A bracket was made to mount the license plate on the rear of the engine.  The gas tank was inspected and plans have been made to determine how to get the fuel gauge working next spring.  The fuel line between the tank and carburetor will be rebuilt to eliminate the loop in the line and make a more direct path.  Ignition systems have been checked.

Philadelphia & Western RR Co. 161: Don Quant has secured the trolley boards to the cleats. He and Jim Dierks wrestled the two 120-pound pole bases to the roof, and Donís next task will be drilling the holes and mounting the bases to the boards. This will be followed by routing and attaching the power cables leading from the pole bases, along the roof and into the carís control panel. Paul Monte has finished the "water deflectors" he fabricated for the window sills on both sides of the car, and is now installing them. Charlie Lowe and Dave Reifsynder teamed up in January to replace a broken hand brake pulley on this car. With the pulley broken, an application of the hand brake would tighten a chain onto a heavy electric cable under the car, an obviously unacceptable situation. While roaming through the extensive parts supply at NYMT several months ago, Charlie found an exact replacement part. Incredibly, the replacement was part of the lot of spare parts that had been obtained for NYMT when founded in 1973.

New York Museum of Transportation 04: Construction of a four-wheel line car trailer continues. In early January, Charlie Lowe finished bolting the wooden frame together. Construction of the tower for this car will proceed through the spring. When the line car is finished, volunteers will be able to maintain our existing overhead and build extensions to the present electrification.