Article From the Spring 2004 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


By all reports, we definitely had winter this year. For those readers who weren’t around to appreciate it, the season was characterized by prolonged, extreme cold temperatures and a good measure of snow. Except for one Sunday in a December blizzard, the museum stayed open throughout the winter months, as our volunteers braved drifts, icicles, and a balky snow plow to keep serving our visitors and to make great progress on several important projects. Read on, and get the details in the "Shop Reports" elsewhere in this issue.

The substation that will provide power to our trolley line is being carefully built with meticulous attention to industry standards for safety and performance. We’re extremely fortunate to have an experienced team working on this project, people who have devoted their Saturdays throughout the winter designing and installing the hardware that soon will bring our trolley line to life.

      By mid-February, plowed snowdrifts at the back of our building
      began to take on the appearance of small, white mountains.

Meanwhile, the big (32’ x 88’) news outside has been the completion of our P&W car house. Auguring to set the main poles started in late March, much earlier than we had any reason to hope, and the frame of the building took shape quickly. The completed barn will allow us to bring all our rail equipment under roof. Attractive and technologically up to date, this great new addition to our facility is an exciting step forward for the museum.