Article From the Spring 2004 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


One feature of a visit to the museum is the array of exhibits at both NYMT and the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. Over the years, a number of permanent exhibits have been created at NYMT, and Chris Hauf and colleagues at RGVRRM have installed several Smithsonian-quality exhibits there as well. Recently, thanks to Ted Thomasí woodworking skills, a new exhibit case has been put in place at NYMT.

The new case is twelve feet long, lighted, and sealed against dust and inquisitive fingers. Its carpeted backing permits hanging images and small objects with Velcro© hangers, and glass shelving adds to the capacity of the cases. We have long needed a safe display place for small objects in our archives, and this beautiful new case fills the bill. We plan to set up an exhibit of bus mementoes (transit and over-the-road) soon, and Paul Monte is preparing an exhibit on railroad lanterns to be ready by mid-May for 2005ís summer season.

Ted performed all the cabinetry in his garage workshop at home, and it was a major task considering the size and weight of the pieces. Fitting the case to the museum space took some exacting measurements, and when the movers arrived with the finished product, everything slipped into place perfectly. Ted and Anna even donated the cost of hiring the professional mover! Thanks to Tedís efforts we now have an attractive and secure place to bring many nice archived objects out of hiding for our visitors to appreciate.

        Ted happily puts the finishing touches on his new exhibit case