Article From the Spring 2004 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


Over the years, museum trustee Doug Andersonís dedication to scouting has helped Eagle Scout candidates find worthy public service projects at NYMT.

The most recent name on the recognition plaque in our entryway is Jason Esposito of Troop 7. Jasonís project is an interactive exhibit to quiz visitors on the various vehicles and artifacts that we have on display. Eight color photos are presented with a question about each one, followed by multiple choice answers. Each answer has a push-button next to it, and when selected, a red or green "signal" light illuminates to indicate a wrong or right answer. The photo boards can be updated periodically.

Eagle Scout projects are intended to not only provide a benefit to the community, but also to demonstrate the scoutís planning skills and leadership in managing other scouts, procuring
         Jason Esposito shows off his completed Eagle Scout project at
         NYMT to Doug Anderson, Troop 7 advisor and museum trustee.

donated materials, and adherence to the needs of the client organization as the project takes shape. Jasonís interactive quiz board should be fun for our visitors, and provides another plus in our public offering. We thank Jason for his good effort, and Doug too!