Article From the Spring 2004 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


* Phil McCabe has donated both the materials and his invaluable skill in replacing the south side of our highway sign, which was deteriorating with the weather.

Phil and Cathy McCabe are a team when it comes to the
tricky part of applying the vinyl letters to our new highway sign.

* Thanks to Mark McDowell and Business Methods who came to our rescue with a jug of toner for the copier they donated recently.

* Ted Strang applied his knowledge of Detroit diesels to get the Greyhound bus started, and several volunteers joined in to place the bus on solid planking in the bus corral.

* Eric Norden, Don Quant, Rick Holahan, John Ross, Roger Harnaart, and Jim Dierks have played a part in painting our highway equipment (every 12 years…whether needed or not).

Eric and Don keep the Buffalo Springfield roller looking young.

* Charlie Robinson has kept up his window sash caulking on P&W 168, and has wrapped another layer of tarp around the trucks destined to go under NTT car 409.

Charlie Robinson covers up 409’s trucks for another winter.

* Anna and Ted Thomas have thoroughly cleaned the bird droppings from the relocated Ruggles rotary plow exhibit (what a job!).

* It’s been a great season for grass, and Ted Strang has kept our Ford field mower running with tune-ups and several major repairs. Special thanks to Bob Miner, Dave Peet, Don Quant, Charlie Lowe and John Corzine for valiant efforts keeping the green stuff down to a dull roar.

That’s Bob on the Ford and Dave on our new John Deere,
making sure the grounds are groomed and presentable.

* Board member Steve Morse has expanded his financial role with us to include handling the bank deposits. Let us know if you ever see Steve at the airport with a ticket to Tahiti...