Article From the Winter 2002 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


This continuing report is a round-up of progress reported by leaders of several key areas. Thanks to all who are supporting these important projects with their time and donations.

Philadelphia & Western interurban car 161: Don Quant, fresh from his R&E waiting shelter re-roofing job, has taken charge of finishing the roof work on 161. With the canvas stretched, nailed, and painted, remaining work topside includes repair and re-installation of the four ventilators and the trolley boards. Don and Jim Dierks recently measured out the carlines in order to plan placement and manufacture of the cleats that support the trolley boards. With work continuing by Paul Monte and Joe Reminder (windows) and Randy Bogucki (ventilators), Don and his team should have 161 finished by the time regular trolley operations begin at NYMT. Don Quant/Paul Monte

Philadelphia & Western interurban car 168: Charlie Robinsonís vital work on the windows continues, as he replaces rotted quarter round and primes and paints the sashes. At least one window has been identified as needing rebuilding or replacement, and openings in the floor will also require attention soon. Charles Robinson

Northern Texas Traction Co. 409: Sometimes, pieces in a puzzle just happen to fit together, and that is exactly what happened recently. One initiative in the past year had been a survey of the trolley parts in storage at NYMT. Several master controllers with no car assignment were inventoried during the effort. When Charlie Robinson mentioned that the one major electrical component still needed for car 409 was a 15B type master controller, a quick check of the inventoried items showed that NYMT had such a controller in stock. Charlie spent late last year inspecting the C15 controller and has determined it will work well on 409. He also turned up the elusive fact that the control circuit this controller operates at is a 90-volt circuit. Charles Robinson

New York State Railways, Rochester & Eastern Line 157: A plan to replace the trucks under this car with Japanese-Baldwin trucks is now being developed. The new trucks for 157, complete with four motors in working condition, are standard-gauge and would permit the car to be operated at NYMT. The trucks now under 157 are broad-gauge (5í 2ľ"), having been obtained for the car from Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co. 63 about 1970. Charles Lowe

New York State Railways, Rochester Lines 437: Restoration of the wood reverser finger block and its sixteen contact fingers for the carís K35GG controller was completed in late November and is now ready to be re-installed. The next controller work to be tackled will be cleaning the reverser shaft and its contacts. An exactly correct compressor governor was found in NYMTís store of spare parts. It is a National Type R governor dating from about the 1910-1920 era. Governors were used to automatically turn the compressor on when air pressure dropped below a prescribed amount and to shut the compressor off when the system was sufficiently charged. On 437, the low setting was 85 psi and the upper setting was 100 psi. Charles Lowe

New York State Railways, Rochester and Eastern Line Johnsonís Crossing Waiting Shelter: Unseasonably benign weather gave Don Quant the additional time he needed to complete the shelterís roof reconstruction and re-shingling just before the end of the year. Appearance of the shelter has been improved, and along with it the first impression given to our visitors. More importantly, the steady deterioration of the roof has been arrested, and the new roof of durable, long-lived asphalt shingles will protect the entire structure for years to come. Don Quant

At an earlier (warmer) stage in the project, Don installed new
mahogany eave boards as part of the roof reconstruction.