Article From the Summer 2002 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation

Randy Bogucki

The museumís railroad has been divided into seven track maintenance sections with section 7 consisting of NYMTís yard tracks. Included are the passenger loading track, the car house lead track and the two tracks inside the car house. One switch, where the two car house tracks meet, is also part of this section. As the Section 7 Track Foreman, I will keep NYMT members informed about ongoing track work by regular reports in HEADEND.

Ballast cleaning and placement has continued on the passenger loading track, and the days of ties hanging from the rails because of a lack of ballast will soon be over. Dirt-laden ballast is hand-shoveled onto a screen, leaving clean and reusable ballast on the screen. The ballast is then placed between ties on the track.

Reconstruction of car house track no. 1 is underway now that car 157ís broad-gauge trucks have been pulled outside. The track under 157 is being re-gauged to standard gauge with new ties and salvaged light-weight rail is being used. When finished, track 1 will be fully able to handle routine use. Much work remains to be done in a fairly short time, however, and membersí assistance would be much appreciated. Contact the museum at 533-1113 and let me know how you can help move this very important project along.