Article From the Summer 2002 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation

Charles Lowe

On May 1, a crew of RG&E employees, led by Scott Gleason, set 18 poles in the ground as part of a community service day. Sixteen poles were placed along the railroad and will form the basis of a 1500í extension to the electrifica-tion that will terminate just south of the loop switch. Several ground anchors were also placed, and two other poles were set near the NYMT car house for use in building substation facilities. The site for pole 13 wasnít suitable to drill a hole, but this pole was finally set in place by Scott Gleasonís NRHS pole crew in July using a backhoe.

Rand Warner conducted a meeting on May 23 about building a substation. The former sanding room in the NYMT shop will be used as all conduits can enter the building through the former manure trough and since this is the part of the NYMT building closest to the railroad. A combination of aerial and underground lines will bring current into the substation where it will be transformed and rectified to 600
    Amid a forest of the uprights,
    RG&E men and machines
    show how to plant poles

volts direct current for use by the trolleys. In the next month or so, all equipment needs to be cleaned out of the sanding room and any assistance in this work would be greatly appreciated. Call the museum at 533-1113 to volunteer to aid in this important project.