Article From the Spring 2002 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


If youíve been reading these pages over the past year, you know that your museum has been busy. During 2001 we successfully operated the first public trolley rides in the Rochester area since 1956, extended the overhead wire above our rail line, made good progress on a number of restoration projects, brought our all-new website on line, and continued to honor our commitment to the visiting public.

Looking back over the past five years, 2001ís total attendance of 5,869 took top honors and represented an increase of 10.6% over the previous year. Total operating income rose a remarkable 20.2% over 2000, thanks to a 32% jump in Gift Shop sales. Overall income per visitor broke the $3 barrier for the first time, rising 9% to $3.13. Considering the number of school groups in our headcount, thatís a very good figure.

We try to keep a good record of volunteer hours devoted to NYMT, both on the property and in work at home, as such effort is as precious a commodity as the dollars and the visitors themselves. Our recorded volunteer hours totaled 6,446 this past year, another record, topping 2000ís hours by almost 9%. Dividing the total hours by the number of names on our active volunteer list reveals an average of 195 hours per volunteer in 2001!

Much has been done in the continuing effort to enhance our museumís contribution to the community and to transportation history. Much more is planned for this year. Keep in touch for all the latest news, come out and see for yourself, and for the best view, join as an active volunteer!


We were recently doing research in the museumís archives, but at the time we were over 1,000 miles from Rochester. Whatís up with that? Itís our new website and the great job Ted Thomas is doing putting our computerized archive on the net, thatís what! If you havenít checked out our new site, give us a look at and see the fine impression todayís cyber visitors are getting of our museum.

As the internet and the people who use it mature, thereís less idle "surfing" going on, and more people seeking specific information. What are our hours? Whatís the 2002 Event Schedule look like? Is it true you have a steam locomotive in your collection? They also have specific research questions, such as the man who recently inquired about a railroad car that was used to transport fish to the hatcheries in Caledonia.

Best of all, if youíre looking for a particular photo or other image in our collection, or just want to look at the pictures to enhance your knowledge or pique your curiosity for further research, the process is easy and quick. Click on the Archive button on our home page, then fill in any information, word, etc. that defines what you want to see. You can click on the titles of the data-entry boxes for guidance. You will then get a

list of all items pertaining to your search, with a short description and, where available, a thumbnail image. Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a sharp, full-screen version of the image for more detailed study.

Try it, and see the great results of Tedís expertise and the considerable time that heís invested on behalf of our members and the general public. Just another way weíre preserving transportation history and bringing it to life for our "visitors"Öelectronic and otherwise!