Article From the Fall 2002 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation

TRACK REPORT by Charlie Lowe

Track reconstruction on Track 1 in the car house is now completed. Randy Bogucki and Tony Mittiga performed most of the work with Charlie Lowe providing some assistance. The final stage of work was to spike the rail in place by hammering spikes through the plank ties and into the underlying asphalt flooring of the car house. Now standard-gauge and ready to support car 157 with its replacement Baldwin trucks, this 60-foot-long extension was the longest addition of track to the museum complex in recent years. Work has now shifted outside to the loop track where Randy and Tony are currently removing ballast and ties from areas where substation conduit will be laid under the museum railroad. All ballast removed is screened to separate out any dirt and debris so that the former Lehigh Valley rock ballast can properly support new ties once the conduit is laid.

     Randy Bogucki (l) digs out the ballast as Tony Mittiga runs
     it through the screen, clearing the way for electric conduits.