Article From the Fall 2002 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


We’re always glad to hear from readers of HEADEND and we were pleased recently to receive a letter from Vince Reh, former volunteer and now NYMT’s Official Vermont Representative. Vince writes that he particularly enjoyed the CTC article in our Summer issue, as well as Don Shilling’s "Journey From Geneva on the "Orange Limited".

He has some additional information to share about the glass insulators that the story said were made in Victor, NY at the Locke Insulator Company. Vince writes that the idea that the Rochester & Eastern’s glass insulators were made in Victor "…isn’t entirely true. Because Locke was pioneering some radical designs in porcelain insulators at the turn of the century, he was having problems getting his insulators to function. Until he could get his process down, he contracted with Brookfield in Brooklyn, NY to manufacture his designs in glass. Brookfield was a major manufacturer of glass insulators. Once Locke got things in order, he stopped supplying glass and switched totally over to his own porcelain designs".

Vince goes on to tell us that his hikes along the R&E right of way in years past netted a few souvenir insulators of both Brookfield and Locke manufacture. He also suggests that anyone interested in learning more about Locke and his insulators should check out a great book, "Fred M. Locke—a Biography", by Elton N. Gish