Article From the Spring 2001 Issue of


The Journal of the New York Museum of Transportation


This continuing report is a round-up of progress reported by leaders of several key areas. Thanks to all who are supporting these important projects with their time and donations.

Philadelphia & Western interurban car 161: Larry Kastner has cut galvanized steel to make patches for the rust holes and water diverters for the window pillars. Paul Monte has finished removing the old paint and sanding the windows for the letter side of the car. Three windows need extensive repairs to correct water damage. Randy Bogucki has made repairs to the four ventilators for the roof. With warm dry weather approaching, we will soon be painting the roof canvas that Eric Norden completed tacking in place last fall. Jim Dierks/Paul Monte

Philadelphia & Western interurban car 168: New brake shoes (donated by our friends at Rockhill Trolley Museum) have been acquired and will soon be installed. Larry Kastner has installed piping and relocated the rear end whistle valve. Bob Miner has been overhauling the air compressor governor and has lubed a reluctant trolley catcher. John Corzine, Don Quant, and Jim Dierks have built a special platform to assist passenger loading at our trolley event June 30/July 1. Roger Harnaart has developed a design and mockups for a crew ladder at the rear vestibule. Paul Monte has added anti-skid treads to the static-display steps leading into 168. Bob Miner

Electrification: The overhead wire put up in 2000 was successfully used last fall, but the 3.2% grade at the present end-of-wire near pole 6 complicates reversing the trolley car at that point. An extension is therefore underway, adding about 500 feet to the line to a point near Giles Crossing where the grade is only about 1%. During 1996, bracket arms for poles 7 through 12 were built from parts at NYMT, but we have since learned that it is best to set poles first and then build up bracket arms to meet the conditions as built. Bob Miner has re-strung all six of these bracket arms. Since the Giles Crossing extension is entirely on a curve, backbones and downguys will be required throughout. Bob and others have been building up the required cables. Tony Mittiga has refinished enough wood strain insulators to keep ahead of the line crew. Neil Bellenger, Scott Gleason and the line crew have already attached several of the bracket arms, and the line exension is due for completion well before "Trolleys Return to Rochester" June 30 and July 1. Charles Lowe

Northern Texas Traction parlor trailer 409: Replica parts have been cast in Texas for wall sconce light fixtures to replace those missing from the observation end and in mid-car. The castings were made with the help of Lee Lavell, Trolley Restoration Supervisor for the Fort Worth transit company that is bringing sister car 411 back to life. Lee has used one of our existing fixtures to create replicas for 411. Charlie Robinson was treated to a nice tour by Lee and his staff while in Fort Worth in March. Charlie discussed control gear with 411 staff member Pat Cahill, and was able to take down dimensions of the original roof ventilators on the 411. We are piggybacking on work Lee is doing to produce the interior ceiling vent we need, and both parties look forward to continuing the dialogue as our respective car restoration projects proceed. Charles Robinson