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by Charles R. Lowe

N.Y.S. Rys., Roch. Lines 362                     Photo by George Slyford

Rain ruled Rochester’s weather on the 26th of February, 1936. In a 24 hour period starting early that day, 0.31 inches of rain fell. Coupled with temperatures as warm as 45°, this rain raised fears of Genesee River flooding. The forecast for February 27th, a Thursday, called for cold weather and possible light snow that evening¹. When the warm weather of the 26th persisted into the morning of the 27th, George Slyford decided he had a short chance for a few trolley photos.

Choosing the intersection of Central Park and North Goodman Street, Slyford hoped to see cars from both of these lines. After braving slippery sidewalks here, Slyford looked south on Goodman and spied northbound car 362 as it ground to a halt just before Central Park. The car’s conductor ventured out into a slush-filled North Goodman Street to, apparently, throw the switch leading to Central Park. This pause was just enough for Slyford to record car 362. The lack of a destination sign indicated that 362 had probably just been brought out from nearby East Main Station for use on the Central Park Line, perhaps as a rush hour tripper car.

Slyford’s opportunity was short-lived. Between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., the temperature dropped from 45° to 33°, and the next day brought a noon temperature of only 21° ². Fortunately for us, George Slyford made the most of his warm winter day.


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Note: NYMT's car 437 and car 362 were both in the 355-449 series of cars used in Rochester from 1905 to 1937.

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