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by Charles R. Lowe

N.Y.S. Rys., Roch. Lines 010              Charles R. Lowe Collection

When a bitter winter storm battered Rochester during the streetcar era, a fleet of snow plows and snow sweepers were dispatched to keep streetcar tracks from being clogged with snow. Some of Rochesterís plows, even in later years, dated from the very beginning of electric operations. As Rochester Ry. Co. completed the 1890-1893 electrification of Rochesterís street railway system, new electric work cars were purchased. An 1893 acquisition was a fleet of double-ended city snow plows. Rather than rely on horse-drawn sweepers or an army of shovelers, Rochester Ry. ran these diminutive cars over and over its lines during snow storms to maintain passenger service. Numbered 02, 03, 04, 05 and 010 in later years at least, these plows easily pushed snow aside from streetcar tracks. Scrapers could be lowered and used to push snow even farther from the tracks, allowing movements of wagons and automobiles. Plow 05 was a center plow for use on single track while the others plowed to the right and were used on double tack sections of the railway. With their hand brakes and hand sanders, these 1893 plows must have been considered primitive at best by the 1930ís. On June 7, 1936, plow 010 is seen waiting out yet another summer at E. Main Station. The brewing storm of the wholesale Rochester Streetcar line abandonments to occur in August, 1936 may be the one storm 010 is not equal to.

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