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by Charles Lowe

N.Y.S. Rys., Roch. Lines 1000                              Photo by Charles W. Yingling

The long, South ¾ St. Paul streetcar line operated from Summerville on Lake Ontario to Rochester via St. Paul Blvd. and continued on South Ave. (and other streets) to Genesee Valley Park. Here, the line terminated in a loop favored by trolley photographers for its sunny openness. On August 20, 1937, Rochesterian Charles W. Yingling targeted N.Y.S. Rys. 1000 waiting on the Genesee Park loop for its next run northward. Car 1000, a 1913 Kuhlman product, was part of a 25 car order (1000 - 1024) that served Rochester for over a quarter of a century. While Yingling thought enough of his photo to ink his initials onto the negative, some might say that the trolley pole in the foreground hopelessly ruins this scene by obscuring part of the car. Trolley poles, however, are part of a streetcar line’s architecture and are to be expected in trolley photographs. Certainly trolley students of today, well removed in time as they are from Rochester’s Great Trolley Era, can well enjoy Yingling’s efforts as a fantastic glimpse into the past.

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