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by Charles R. Lowe

Rochester, Lockport & Buffalo RR 205                      Photo by George Slyford

The Rochester, Lockport and buffalo Lyell Avenue car house and shops were located in Rochester just west of where the line left Lyell Avenue streetcar trackage in favor of private right-of-way. When service ended in 1931, RL&B cars were brought to the Lyell Avenue car house for storage where they awaited their fates for over a year and a half.

Car 205, half buried in the weeds, is seen here on September 17, 1932 as hope faded for any further railway use of the RL&B cars. Although 205ís chocolate-brown and cream paint seems fresh enough for service, the car has probably not turned a wheel since being brought here the previous April. Soon 205 will be broken up for scrap and live on only in photos such as this.

Not so for the sister car behind 205. With some effort, a dim car number looking a lot like "206" can be seen. Cheating the scrapper car 206 survived as a cottage and, later, as a shed in Knowlesville, N.Y. When destruction of the car became imminent, it was moved to the Rochester & Genesee Valley RR Museum on August 27, 1999. Now, car 206 can be viewed from the NYMT-RGVRRM track car ride as it undergoes a slow transformation back to the grand interurban car it once was.

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