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by Charles Lowe

Photo by Stephen D. Maguire,                                              C. Lowe Collection

The present view of Rochester Transit Corporation 2016 does not fit all the prescribed requirements of a classic railroad photograph. While the standard right front 3/4 view was obtained, the right side and the trucks are in shadow. This, I would argue, is of minor consequence as our man on the spot, the famous Steve Maguire, surely made a classic photo worthy of the inaugural run of this column. We are at East Main Station on a cold day in 1940. With a roof loaded with snow, no pilot, no roof headlight and, ominously, no destination sign, 2016 appears to have been removed from Subway service. Could Maguire, on one of his many forays (with his father) to streetcar-era Rochester, have just happened to stumble upon 2016 being made ready for a last trip to the Blossom Road scrap yard and oblivion? Incredibly, this seems to be the case, illustrating for us today not only 2016 on its final run, but also that classic photos need fit no standard regimen.

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